The day my dad lost and found a dog

I will never forget how happy I felt the moment I lay eyes upon that little puppy in my father’s arms. My father was even happier than me, though. He was a truck driver and was travelling back home from the north of Europe when he noticed, very close to home, a little dog on the edge of the road. He pulled over, got off the truck and approached the creature. He then told me that the dog ran towards him as soon as it noticed him, searching for protection and love.

Since then my dad and his dog never separated. If you saw one, you would know that nearby you would find the other. I have rarely witnessed such a dear, honest, sweet friendship and my dad never got another dog after that very friend of his died. He said he was going through a rough period when he met that puppy, and that thanks to it he managed to get back in track – maybe that is why their relationship was even more meaningful. He was lost and found his way back thanks to the love of a pure soul. 

I hope one day to meet such a soul to share my life with, even for a brief period only, as I am sure it is worth a lifetime.…

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