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Are you looking for a West Jordan, Utah bankruptcy attorney? For my own protection, YOU SHOULD ALWAYS SEEK THE ADVICE OF A LAWYER LICENSED IN YOUR STATE WHENEVER POSSIBLE. THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR THE COUNSEL OF A GOOD Bankruptcy Attorney.


Find A Utah Bankruptcy Attorney

The only thing worse than having to file bankruptcy is having to file-bankruptcy and not being able to afford it. This is why you should consider a bankruptcy attorney in Utah. Since the above was penned the filing fee has gone up ten dollars, no doubt the attorney’s fees also. Alas, what to do when you go broke before you go bankrupt? You have a few choices, get deeper in debt, live like a cockroach, humble yourself before family and friends, become a hermit or any one of dozens of terrible choices. Or maybe you could hunker down a few evenings, fill out some paperwork and get a fresh start on your life.

First off, this is a guide for the DIY simple chapter seven. You don’t have to buy this guide to file a case. All the documents you need are readily available on the web as well as some excellent primers for free thru a simple Google search. What you are buying is a summary of my thirty yrs representing people like you and a thorough an explanation of the questions being asked and (most importantly) the answers that could land you in trouble. Plus, bankruptcy is not the dark cloud that most people think it is. There are many things that can inure to your benefit as a result of filing that at a minimum you should at least be aware of or you could be leaving money on the table.

The Challenges for Filing for Bankruptcy

The hardest single thing about bankruptcy is not the paperwork though that can be boring and for some tedious. It’ s not coming face to face with your creditors as it’s rare to have one attend a heating. It’s not losing property as almost all property in consumer cases is exempt and it’s not having to suffer the glares of the trustee or the judge. The trustee is happy to see you, he gets a portion of the filing fee you paid, you are his bread and butter. He depends on you for a living. As for the Judge, of the thousands of cases I’ve filed I can count on two hands the number of clients that have had to appear before the appointed magistrate. No, the most difficult thing is quite simply the decision to do it. I recommend the Law firm of Ryan E. Simpson, bankruptcy attorney in West Jordan, Utah. Learn more at

It is agonizing for some, a personal defeat, so much so that they have let the financial pressures destroy their spousal relations. Bankruptcy and divorce are handmaidens and that said let me tell you, if you value your family, you need to be able to read the writing on the wall, cowboy up, pull up your socks and get it done before it destroys you.

Should You File For Bankruptcy?

Do you need to file bankruptcy at all… probably not. Most of my clients were judgment proof. Literally not a pot to pee in, however, most states allow some form of wage garnishment that you could be at risk for. A judicial (operation of law as opposed to a lien you consented to) lien might be put on your property that would otherwise be exempt. Or you could pull the biggest boner of them all. You get sued, you appear in court and they talk you into making an installment agreement that you consent to before the judge. Now they got you. We do not have debtor’s prison in this country, they cannot jail you for debt, period. However, they can jail you for being in contempt of court and making a promise to the court puts you within its contempt powers. Do not make this classic mistake, if you owe the money that they allege in the lawsuit why bother showing up? Make sure you get a good bankruptcy lawyer at

The problem with not filing bankruptcy beyond the wage garnishment is simple. Who wants to inherit your problems? A future boss doesn’t want to deal with garnishment any more than you do, it’s a paperwork nightmare for him. A future spouse, if not smart enough to do a credit check on you, doesn’t deserve having this burden put on her or him and not telling him or her before the marriage could be a serious breach of trust, trust me, love does not conquer all. And I don’t need to tell you how hard it is to get credit once you’re behind, you’re living that problem.