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Artificial turf grass might seem like a concept which has only been around since 25 to 30 years but it has actually been manufactured since the early 1960s. It was produced by the carpet industry and extensive research coupled with advances in technology has made it better and more realistic. It was mainly used in sports arenas, as many sports like football, cricket, badminton, volley ball, baseball, and polo are played on grass fields.  However, now it’s also been utilized for residential landscaping, gyms, kids and pet playgrounds, balconies, decoration purposes, and dog run events. Now-a-days, we are also utilizing artificial grass to make slippers. It gives us the feeling of walking on grass which helps in reducing stress levels and keep feet healthy. Many lounges and cafes also have artificial grass covering which adds to their ambience. From amongst all the people who buy artificial grass, more appreciative are the ones living in areas where grass do not grow well and the water fall is scanty. The cheery on the top is that most of the artificial grass purchases comes with a minimum 8 year warranty.

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Advantages of Having Artificial Grass Around You

The artificial grass market is so widespread and significantly growing because its utilization offers many advantages to the clients. It keeps you away from the inconvenience of maintaining the garden. It saves you the extra buck or the time for mowing, watering or weeding. Despite being very low maintenance, people buy artificial grass because its kids and pet friendly. Every child likes playing in grass and gets their hands dirty but artificial turf grass means the child gets to play to its heart’s content without getting any mud on them. And when they run back inside, you don’t have to worry about getting any mud off your carpet. Same applies with pets. As dogs are the most recurring pets and they like digging, the pet owners wouldn’t have to worry about pets running around the house with dirty paws. It also doesn’t thin down and leave bald spots in between or change colour like normal grass. With this durable artificial grass you have good grass all year round for enjoyment.

It has to be noted that this grass make any home look good and the realistic look and feel is not compromised in the process. This is a place where children and your pet won’t bring in mud marks into the house after a rough play in the grass. It is both kid and pet friendly, it would be advised that pets won’t end up chewing on the fibers, though they are tough to be pulled out that easily. The artificial grass can be replaced on any unused surface to give a stunning look to your schools, homes, football pitches, commercial spaces, roof top gardens etc.